Sales and Marketing Process Mistakes

What happens when you call most businesses?

That’s right – you are put through to a salesperson. And that salesperson tells you about his product or service, perhaps books you in for a meeting. And unless you buy right then and then – probably LOSES YOU OUT OF THEIR MARKETING SYSTEM FOR LIFE.

If you’re in business and you have salespeople – you are probably allowing thousands of dollars to slip through your fingers as a result of doing this.

And if you are the salesperson of your business, you are probably doing this as well – so you too are probably allowing thousands of dollars to slip through your fingers.

So what’s the answer?

It’s really quite simple. You need to take control of the sales process. You need to get your leads to sign into your database first so you can keep in touch with them over and over and over again.

Otherwise, you shell out all this money on advertising – perhaps $20, $50 or $100 to generate a lead – only to watch it disappear into thin air because your sales people don’t follow up.

So, here’s what I would do if I had a team of sales people…

1. Get people to call for a special report instead of having them call the salespeople direct.
2. Follow up with a report together with a multi-step follow up system as well as email sequences which build the relationship with your clients.
3. Have your salespeople also follow up – but now they’ll be more effective because your communication has also built up the relationship, trust and rapport.

Otherwise, here’s what happens: your salespeople disappear and so do your relationships along with them.

I made this mistake in my first business – setting up the entire relationship with the client with one of my hairdressers.

That hairdresser was none too nice – sabotaging our sale and managing to virtually steal the business. A lesson learnt!

So make sure you keep control of your business.

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