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What is marketing? Marketing is exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of customers. Marketing is a very deep subject. Most businessmen and women believe offering the best quality products, such as myself also believe this to be true. Marketing is also the process of aligning your offering with the customers needs and communicating that to them. Marketing is the process of creating and maintaining a customer relationship. I hope you see now their are plenty of definitions of marketing.

Why become an affiliate Marketer?
You can make an supplementary or even a main income from it, Depending on the time you have. An Affiliate program works by giving you a commission for every product they sold to every referral you direct to their website. Some affiliate programs will pay you per click.

The fun of Marketing, Marketing is fun and when it is fun it’s easy and more profitable. Getting paid to promote other people products this is called affiliate marketing. Lets talk about being an affiliate. Affiliates make money online from a computer. Perhaps the simplest way to explain affiliate marketing is that it is a way of making money online whereby you as a publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site.

Being your own boss
Self-employment means working for yourself or a company you own or control.

It’s not for everyone but more than 15% of active retirees and workers over 50 indicate they want to be self-employed or start their own business. Stay home and have the work come to you. Some examples are child-care, pet sitting and telephone service agents. Working for yourself can be enjoyable and rewarding. You can work as many, or as few, hours as you like.

Benefits of affiliate marketing
Make money while you sleep, Sell almost anything you want, Low cost set up, Work from home, High income potential,World wide market place,and much, much more.

Tips for marketing
Identify the types of content that would be most useful for customers in the different phases of the buying cycle
Develop a search and social keyword glossary

Affiliate Marketing programs
There are tons of affiliate programs out there to choose from; (are you asking the question where do you start?) Spend time researching affiliate programs to understand all of affiliate networks. Don’t just pick anything, pick several that satisfy you. Look at the commissions they pay you..

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