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We are all pressed for time in this Internet age of business. As a producer of Internet On Demand programming, everyone that I come in contact with is so busy with conducting business that they do not have time learn new marketing skills necessary to evolve in the New Internet Digital marketing world.

An example of this is the following. I produce On Demand Internet digital programming from some of the major trade shows and expos here in the multi billion dollar market in Southern California. In most cases, it only takes one business day to create my digital on demand program. I will follow up with an email and phone call to the participating vendor whom I interviewed to let them know there program is already up and running on my Internet program. Much to my chagrin, I will always receive a call from the vendor wanting to know where they can see the interview and where will it be airing. I even had one director of marketing for a major cosmetics company telling me she thought I was from CBS news!

Why all of the confusion? The answer is a simple one. There is an old saying,”If it ain’t broke why fix it?” This is the mind set of most business owners/entrepreneurs when it comes to marketing in this new digital age of communication we live in. Most are satisfied with the status quo of offline marketing. This includes attending trade shows and expos, networking at local events, joining chambers of commerce, passing out business cards, flyers and producing very expensive press kits to hand out to potentially hot prospects.

The challenge with these methods of marketing and promoting is one of time! How much time are you going to spend performing all of these traditional marketing methods? I do believe that time is money. At least I was told that. So I pose a question to you? If you had to choose one method of promoting, marketing and selling your business service and product, which would you choose? If you answered passing out your business card or word of mouth, you are not the only one. This is why I want you to become aware of the new digital marketing and what it is and how it works. The answer to the above question is simple. Utilizing the Internet and the new skills of marketing is so important yet in my experience it is still a highly misunderstood and neglected area of doing business.

Please do yourself a favor and investigate what I am talking about! I would like for you to go to my award winning vlog and take a look around for yourself. Listen to a great webinar that I conducted a few weeks ago that explores and defines what Internet Video On Demand programming is. How you can use a Vlog to sell your products and create an incredible on line presence. You will also create a tremendous brand for yourself on line. You will also learn what pull marketing is verses push marketing. And you will know how On Demand TV programming is rapidly changing the way your customers will be able to access your product on their TV sets!

We are in an incredible digital On Demand programming revolution and I want you to educate and apply the new skills necessary to get out of the old marketing mentality that is costing many businesses and entrepreneurs a lot of time and money in the new digital marketing revolution!

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