Differences Between Marketing and Advertising

What is marketing and what is advertising are two questions that have different answers. Marketing is a so common term used everyday and often is confused with advertising as many people think them as synonyms of each other but they are simply two different things. Marketing includes every action directed to sell a product while advertising is about everything is done to make something known and public, so marketing and advertising are two different things.

Marketing is about analyzing the market, the competitors and the price of the product and its promotion. Every product or service is created following a basic idea, that includes its perfecting to make it able to satisfy the needs for which has been created, then it is performed an analysis of the competitors to choose a good ratio between quality and price and last there is its advertising and distribution. Advertising and distribution are two different things that are part of marketing itself: the first is about to make a thing known and public while the second is about how to bring it to the customers.

If understanding how much the market needs the product is the first step of a marketing plan, its selling is the most important phase in which good or bad results are seen. Selling can be done indirectly through a network of retailers or directly to the customer attracted by a spot or by the so called word of mouth that often is rewarded with a payout.

There are many marketing systems that have seen their evolution in the last century as multi-level marketing and internet were born combining themselves in sinergy: today selling online is a big business and there are many affiliate programs that pay not just for the generated sales but for the ones made from the referred ones. You just browse Google for online sales and affiliate programs to see how this phenomenon is big and so many people talk about internet marketing that is not only about online advertising but that is about customer retaining through newsletters, traffic generation and systems to increase sales performance through augmenting conversion rates that are the ratio between the performed sales and the visits that the sales page receives.

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